Our Best Restaurants

We rank the 67 top places to eat but with a twist.

Edited By Suzanne Loudermilk. Written By John Farlow, Henry Hong, Matt Lallo, Suzanne Loudermilk, Jane Marion, Karen Nitkin, Bia

From the rich mahogany paneling to the solicitous service and, most of all, the luxurious Italian specialties, Osteria 177 is a dignified refuge and balm for the harried soul. Dip that good, warm Tuscan bread in the heavenly wine-and-tomato sauce that bathes a starter of clams and mussels, and savor the perfect al-dente texture of garlicky grilled calamari over greens. Marvel at the earthy fresh porcini that grace a mammoth but tender veal chop, and don’t miss the perfect little pear-and-gorgonzola stuffed “sacchetti” of pasta. It’s clear that the food here is prepared with loving care, but you’ll also find a heavy-hitting (if expensive) wine list and a very knowledgeable sommelier to guide you through it. And lovers of Italian desserts will be thrilled to find standouts like tartuffo, zabaglione, and panna cotta among the selections. At Osteria 177, you’ll think you died and went to . . . Rome.

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