Chef Catering Menu

(serving for party of ten people)


Chilean Seabass

Caramelized and served with welted organic escarole lettuce, toasted pine nuts, golden raisins $380


Sautéed with Shrimp and Clams in olive oil, garlic, fresh herbs and white wine sauce $420


Atlantic Salmon

Grilled and topped with white wine, lemon, butter and capers sauce $240


Sword fish

Encrusted with fresh herbs and Pecorino Cheese, served over Roasted sweet peppers, basil, grape tomatoes and white wine sauce $270


Red Snapper

Grilled and served with Livornese sauce (garlic, black olives, capers, grape tomato and white wine sauce $320


Also available upon order:

Alaskan Halibut $380

Grouper $350

Branzino Whole fish or fillet $350

Dover Sole whole fish $55 each



Whole fresh Lobster ( 2lbs from Maine) sautéed in olive oil with garlic, grape tomatoes, basil, hot crushed pepper and white wine sauce (Fradiavolo) over Pasta $59 each

Or in white wine sauce



Jumbo shrimp sautéed in garlic, chives, grape tomatoes, shitake mushrooms and white wine sauce $320


Francese style: Egg dredged jumbo shrimp sautéed with garlic, fresh herbs, white wine, lemon and butter sauce $320


All the ingredients of this parties carry out menu are personally chosen and fresh delivered to Arturo’s kitchen on the daily base.The outstanding quality of it will make your event a successful one.

The above prices are applied on a minimum of 10 people order.

Prices are subject to change due to the flexibility of the Market but in that case, you will be notified.